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La Carte de Carnaval

Carnaval Map

via: http://carnaval.qc.ca/en/wp-content/uploads/sites/2/2013/10/cartedessites2014_aveclegende1.pdf

Download the link above onto your device.  Then, choose one of the tasks below and complete on the lined paper in your duotang.

Je suis à Derby St. Herbert (18).  Je veux aller à Défilé de nuit de la Basse-Ville (15).  Comment est-ce que je peux y aller?
Je suis à Course en canot CMQ (14).  Je veux aller à Défile de nuit de la Haute-Ville (16).  Comment est-ce que je peux y aller?

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  1. Lisa noble

    This is a super task! One thing I’ve found helpful is to incorporate a QR code or bit.ly link, for those students that find pasting a challenge, or even to help them navigate their way to the assignment page.

    • Great idea. I have thought of including them in a similar way (once the links have all been found) by having the students create an augmented reality ‘brochure’, where they use an app, such as Layar to collect and distribute links for the projects the following year.

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