How to Record and Email from an iPad or iPhone

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So in asking for recordings, I realized that I can’t assume that everyone knows how to make oral recordings and email them. My experiences have been with Apple devices or windows computers. So it is to those that I can speak.

If this project is something that you are interested in participating in or contributing to and you have a different device, I would suggest typing your question into google. If you still are not sure, please email me and I would be happy to lead you in the right direction.

The more recordings the better, and I would like nothing more than recordings from all over the world.

Thanks to the people who have already started to reach out to me. I appreciate all of the help and contributions!!!

Possible Apps for iPad/iPhone/iPod

There are many different apps that can be used to record and send audio clips. To download the apps, you can click on the names below.

To name a few:
Audio Memo Free
voice recorder

MicPro – How to Record voice, Change File Name and Email

20140416-093848.jpg   1.  Click on the red record button in the bottom left corner to begin recording.  When you are finished, click the same button to stop.

2.  The button the right of that, (with three red circles, and three black lines, is the ‘record list’.  Click on this to go to the list of possible recordings.  Your screen will look like this now.

0113948cebd2adaf990979a2542dfcbbc41e422e12 3.  If you have a bunch of recordings, you need to find the one timestamped to the date and time you recorded.   You can hit play to listen back to your recording.  Note: if you do not hear anything for the recording, you need to make sure the microphone is enabled in your device’s settings.  To do this, go to your Device settings➡️privacy➡️microphone➡️micpro➡️turn slider to ‘on’.   If you touch the recording, it will highlight it with a grey band.  From here, in the top right corner you can change the name of it by clicking the ‘rename button’.

photo 4.  You notice that the keyboard pops up only in portait form.  That is ok, just erase the ‘record name’ and rename what you would like.  Be sure to click Done or it will not change the name.  It should now appear in your list with the new name.

5.  While the file that you want to send is highlighted with the grey band, click the blue email button in the middle bottom of the page.  So long as the ‘mail’ app is set up on your device, it will pop open in an email, like this:

019a476592e9e2c5a5660fa363ea0d0d37c0c8da33 6.  Here, in the ‘to:’ box, type the email address that you want to send the recording to (  You cannot see the ‘send button in this view, and therefore as soon as you are done typing in the email address, you need to again click done.

013b582d91c752623b174417b73b5fb42c10994748 7.  Once Done has been clicked, you can click send and the email will ‘send in the background’.


I will be sure to send a quick thank you to anyone who sends me recordings, just to verify that they have been received.


If you would like to download micpro, you can click on the link above from your iPad/iPhone/iPod and it should bring you to the app store.


If there are any questions, please let me know.


I use MicPro in my classroom at least once a week with each class to record different conversational pieces, and for students to record and listen back to themselves.



How do or would you use this type of tool in your classroom to promote spontaneous oral communication?

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    Merci beaucoup pour vos suggestions. Je vais me servir de MicPro.

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