Why My Students Rock!

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Here is one of MANY reasons my students ROCK! They made my day last Saturday when I got this video in an email from a group of them. I feel like as a teacher I spend a lot of time trying to make engaging lessons and memorable activities in the classroom and often it goes unrecognized. I want to inspire my students to love the language the way I do. I know I am lucky that my students do the work I ask of them, but I still want them to be passionate about learning a second language.

This video was a little success for me because they took their own time on their weekend to make it. It gave me hope that maybe the passion is starting to grow in some of them and I hope that I can help it continue to flourish. Thanks again to my awesome students for making my weekend and encouraging me to continue to do more and be better!

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  1. Mme, you are “La Bombe Diggity” and that’s why your students love you!

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