This past year has been an amazing journey with some Core French colleagues of mine.  As a rotary teacher, we don’t often get to collaborate with others who teach the same subject (in most cases we are the only teacher of French in the school).  This project has given us the opportunity to share ideas, brainstorm together and challenge ourselves to find new tasks and activities we can do with our students to improve their communication through the use of technology.


As we move towards the end of the school year we are continuing to collaborate.  We have been eagerly planning a professional development day that we will be hosting for interested Core French teachers in our school board.  We continue to plan and reflect on activities, not just in person but stay in touch as well via email.  Due to the work action at the beginning of the year, we lost a few months of this time together, but fortunately were granted an extension so we can continue to collaborate through the beginning of next year and to share our learning with the world.



This resource page is a reflection of how we used technology so far this year with our students to improve their communication.  We will continue to update it and add activities as we complete them with our students starting again in September.  For now, it is a summary of the tasks we used in our classrooms, how we used them, reflections and examples when possible.  If you are a beginner with using technology with your students, if you have been using technology for years, or if you are somewhere in between, we hope you find an activity you can try, a new way to use an app you have previously used, or that it sparks an idea within you.


Here are our slide decks from our 1/2 Day sessions in June.